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Infobank 2 is a web-based system providing up-to-date information at one place for the status of the received and ordered payments on all client’s accounts held in different banks. It is designed for companies having many bank accounts and/or a wide network of branches and offices throughout the country.

The system’s main goal is gathering information and at the same time providing it in the most convenient way, suitable for various analyzes. Infobank 2 provides a comprehensive system for reports, sorting of information, printing and exporting to various formats. It may be used through a web-interface for online monitoring or work in integration with ERP/accounting software. For this purpose the information is provided through SOA and loads automatically to the system of the client.

The service is available in two versions:

  • Infobank 2 with Web access – loading statements of bank account movements of clients, who have requested the service, in the system of the servicing banks. Clients of the service receive consolidated information about their statements from all banks. Access to the system is via QES, username and a password.
  • Infobank 2, integrated with an Information System – the service includes receiving information for account movements through a SOAP web service. The provided information contains “final” statements. A "final" statement is an account statement to a certain date for which has been loaded a statement for the next working day.

Advantages of Infobank 2:

  • Consolidates information from different client accounts and banks;
  • Creates a card-index, search, reports and export in various formats;
  • Filters information in the reports;
  • Integrates with accounting and ERP systems.

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