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The communication services include the provision of communication access of BORICA's clients, in order to use the other services - such as participation in payment systems, etc.

Telecommunication services are provided for the secure, reserved and effective connectivity of banks, financial institutions and entities in the public sector for data exchange and execution of financial operations. The service is actually a "private network" for financial institutions, having high level of security and separated from the public telecommunication services. Supports 24/7 pro-active monitoring from BORICA and connects all participants in it for services, provided by BORICA, as well as services between network participants with guaranteed by SLA levels of quality of the connection, availability, back-up, capacity, standard and transparent pricing.


  •  Simplifying and reducing the number of necessary connections - both physical and virtual;
  •  High level of protection, back up and reliability of service;
  •  24/7 pro-active monitoring and management of incidents related to the service;
  •  Flexibility in terms of capacity and connectivity with network participants;
  • Optimization of expenses and capital investments for connectivity.


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