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SUCARD is a software product designed for banks and non-bank institutions, for management of the business with domestic and international debit and credit cards.

Automates the business processes of card issuance and bank cards management in a card center, servicing of loans on credit cards, accounting processing and financial analysis. SUCARD maintains interfaces in compliance with the MasterCard, VISA, BORICA and JCB standards. Interfaces to internal core systems are developed according to the Bank’s technical specification. SUCARD possesses a very flexible system for describing various types of bonuses, schemes and loyalty products.

SUCARD offers full servicing of loans on credit cards and interfaces for integration with the information banking systems. It possesses an instrument for a complete quantity and quality analysis of the card business.

SUCARD has a module for real-time authorization (ATX) of card transactions. The developed interfaces with the bank’s basic information system and the full backup of the information processes support the continuity of the bank cards business and facilitate their usage as universal payment instruments. The module can be integrated with other card and bank information systems.


  • Card products management;
  • Management of merchants and POS terminals;
  • Credit card products;
  • Fees and commissions management;
  • Loyal clients;
  • Settlement, Clearing and Reconciliation;
  • Verifications and reports.

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