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The service is provided to clients willing to put their hardware equipment at BORICA's server premises or to use the hardware and system software of the company as a service for their own purposes.

Infrastructure and services provided in a computer center such as equipment colocation, infrastructure as a service, private cloud. These services are also available with reservation from the two computer centers of BORICA - main and back up.


  • Ensuring business continuity, respectively IT services and the necessary infrastructure and communications, aiming to reduce the risk of discontinuity as a result of natural disasters and events of catastrophic nature;
  • Outsourcing of distinct parts of IT infrastructure and services that require high capital and operating expenses, qualified personnel and the need for dynamic change of the technologies;
  • Achieving better flexibility, efficiency and speed of deployment and change of the IT infrastructure depending on the needs of business;
  • Meeting regulatory or business requirements with regard to the level of execution and operation of computer centers for which there is no competence and/or require unreasonably high investment and time;
  • Equipment protection and 24x7 security, monitoring, “remote hands” service, etc.


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41 Tsar Boris III Blvd. 1612 Sofia

working hours:every working day: 08:30 – 17:30

phone:0700 199 10
for Vivacom fixed network subscribers - at the price for a single city call
for subscribers of mobile networks - at the price for a call within the network, according to the customer's tariff plan

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