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BISERA6 is a payment system for servicing client transfers in BGN to be settled at a designated time, providing settlement finality. BISERA6 operation rules have been developed in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Payment Services and Payment Systems.

Settlement agent of BISERA6 is the BNB.

The system accepts transfer orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BISERA6 executes orders for interbank client transfers in BGN for amounts less than BGN 100 000.

BISERA6 accepts transfer orders through credit transfer, direct debit, credit transfer on budget payment order and money remittance.

Settlement of the payment orders received in BISERA6 system is executed in the RINGS – Real-time Interbank Gross Settlement System of the BNB three times a day – at 10:00 h, 13:30 h and 16:00 h. The payment orders are transmitted to the banks-receivers of the amounts only in case of a successfully concluded settlement in the BNB.

Participants in the BISERA6 system may be the BNB and banks, operating on the territory of the country, which have signed a contract for participation in the system.

Electronic Budget Payments System (SEBRA) is a system for monitoring and management of payments initiated by the budget entities participating in it, within limits previously set. It also services the payments of budget entities, included in the Single Account System of the Ministry of Finance.

SEBRA participants are the BNB, the Ministry of Finance, servicing organizations, primary budget entities and authorized secondary budget entities. Payment limits, depending on the type of funds are set by the Ministry of Finance (for the primary system) through the BNB (for any change of the limit the BNB notifies SEBRA immediately) or formed automatically based on the receipts to the respective budget entities’ bank accounts. Limits set by the Ministry of Finance are allocated by the first level spending units and authorized second level spending units, included in the respective system. Each budget entity included in SEBRA can make a payment through the servicing organization by filling a document “Budget payment order” or the first-level budget spending entity, directly from the Single Account of the Ministry of Finance in the BNB.

SEBRA accepts payment requests by the servicing organizations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The rules for operation of SEBRA are described in Guideline of the BNB and the Ministry of Finance “Servicing accounts of budget entities and budget payments” and the appendixes to it.



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