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BISERA6 is payment system that services customer transfers for amounts less than BGN 100,000.

The system accepts for execution orders for transfer on bulk, instant and budget payments in BGN using the following payment instruments: credit transfer and direct debit.

The system accepts payment orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sincе April 2021 the system is open for processing of instant payments in BGN in real time, on all calendar days of the year, in accordance with the "Program for immediate payments by account" Blink of the National Card and Payment Scheme. (Payment service providers, certified under blink program: see more)

Bulk and budget payments in BGN are made in the system only on the working days of BISERA6, according to the schedule of the system.

The settlement of the transfer orders for bulk and instant payments is performed by BORICA AD according to a prepaid model, in the presence of available cash on the settlement accounts of the banks participating in the system.

Settlement of the payment orders received in BISERA6 system on budget payments is net and it is executed three times a day – at 10:00 h, 13:30 h and 16:00 h. The payment orders are transmitted to the banks-receivers of the amounts only in case of a successfully concluded settlement in the BNB.

Participants in the system may be:

  • the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB)
  • central banks of EU Member States
  • banks licensed by the BNB to carry out banking activities
  • third-country bank branches licensed by the BNB pursuant to art. 17 of the Law on Credit Institutions
  • bank branches from an EU member state carrying out activities in the Republic of Bulgaria pursuant to articles 20 and 21 of the Law on Credit Institutions.

The conditions of access and inclusion in the payment system to participants and PSPs with rights of access are regulated in the document Rules of payment system BISERA6.


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