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АТМ Certification

Introducing a new ATM terminal into operation in the BORICA system goes through a certification process, and is performed based on a contract with the supplier. The terminals should meet the requirements listed below:

  • ATMs should have built in keypad (Encrypting PIN Pad) that should be certified under the PCI PTS Device Program;
  • The keypad embedded in the ATM terminal should be in the certified devices list, which is located at the following address:;
  • ATMs should support XFS interface and Signature Based Protocol (SBP) or Certificate Based Protocol (CBP) for loading keys to the Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP).

List of certified ATM terminals

Preparation for ATM installation

BORICA prepares ATM terminals for installation. The preparation includes loading the necessary software and parameters, as well as performing operations that ensure the correct operation with the BORICA system.

АТМ servicing

BORICA performs additional ATM servicing ensuring their smooth operation. Banks are given the opportunity to upload advertising videos to ATMs.

The initialization of the SCM modules is performed at BORICA. The keypad is loaded either locally or at BORICA, and in the latter case, the service organization ensures safe transportation conditions.

АТМ statistics

BORICA provides various types of ATM statistics and journals.

АТМ monitoring

Banks whose ATMs are connected to the BORICA card system, are provided with an online system for monitoring their ATMs’ balance and technical condition (SAM). In addition, an interface for automatic data transmission of the ATMs’ balance and condition to the bank and their processing by other banking systems (e.g. the Cash Management System) has been developed.

Thus, banks can monitor the terminals they service, can react promptly in case of technical issues or decreased cassette balance, can use the received data for forecasts, and as a result they can increase the uptime of the services provided by ATMs.


BORICA performs ATM servicing trainings for bank employees and companies servicing the ATMs of banks connected to the BORICA system. The training includes theoretical and practical lessons and covers all models supported by BORICA. After the training, bank employees gain knowledge and skills for proper ATM servicing.


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