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The company has a 30-year history in providing specialized solutions for the banking and financial sector, as well as innovative products and services for the business, public sector and end users.

It is the successor of the companies Bankservice AD, founded in 1968 as a Data Processing Centre at the Central Administration of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), and BORICA AD, founded in 1994 as a Sole Proprietorship owned by the BNB. In 2010, after a decision taken by the Board of Directors of both companies, they have merged in a new company “BORICA – BANKSERVICE” AD.

Currently the name of the joint-stock company is BORICA AD and its shareholders are 23 banks in the country.

The company is still a major partner of banks in building up a modern IT infrastructure and providing innovative solutions for their end clients.



On 25 February 1992 began the development and preparations for implementation of the Banking Integrated System for Electronic Transfers (BISERA) for next day settlement of interbank payments.

On 5 October 1992 was implemented the BISERA 1 system in real operation with the participation of all banks and their branches in the country.


The Bank Organization for Payments Initiated by Cards (BORICA) was founded in 1993 as a Sole Proprietorship owned by the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) with decision of the BNB Governing Council. In 2004 the company was transformed into a Sole Proprietor JSC owned by the Bulgarian National Bank. In 2005 the company became a Joint Stock Company and the Bulgarian National Bank sold 63.76% of its capital to 25 local banks.


BANKNET project for the development of an integrated banking X.25 data network was initiated. Today Infobank is a web-based system providing information on the status and movements on your accounts, regardless of your location. The system maintains access to the whole information on the current balance, the received and ordered payments on your accounts held in different banks.


It was introduced service for switching of interbank payments with payment cards in the country - SWITCH. For this purpose have been built online interface connections - host-to-host type, with banks and payment institutions with separate authorization centers.


SEBRA electronic budget payments system was developed.


The settlement of transaction files, accepted by BORICA was executed by the Real Time Gross Settlement System of the BNB.

The company was registered in SWIFT as a Service Bureau, majority owned by the SWIFT members, and provided its clients with indirect connection to SWIFTNet (Shared Connection), as well as access to the full range of SWIFT services in a safe and economic manner.

PKI information security infrastructure was developed and the system B-Trust for the provision of certification services was implemented. Bankservice AD was registered as a Certification Services Provider under the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act.


Project was developed and implemented for electronic exchange of financial documents between suppliers and buyers, signed by Universal Electronic Signature, through consolidator. The first electronic invoice in Bulgaria was issued.


SEPA transformer software product was developed for transforming the MT messages used into the new SEPA messages for the execution of SEPA credit transfer.


BISERA7-EUR payment system was developed for servicing client transfers in euro, intended for execution at a definite time, providing payments finality. 


The Cash M service was introduced. It allows sending money from a bank account, bank card or in cash at a bank office, notifying the recipient by the use of a mobile phone and withdrawing the cash from an ATM.

The mobile application mobb was developed. It allows cardholders to use card services via a mobile phone. The application provides possibility for multiple bank cards registration, where cards can be issued by different banks, participating in mobb.

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