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BISERA6 is payment system that services customer transfers for amounts up to BGN 999 999 999,99. The system accepts for execution orders for transfer on bulk, instant and budget payments in BGN, based on SEPA schemes of the European... See more


BISERA7-EUR is a payment system for servicing client transfers in EUR, based on the rules, practices and standards of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), providing finality of settlement in the TARGET2-BNB settlement system. BISERA7-EUR processes... See more

Online Card Switching (SWITCH)

BORICA, as an operator of a payment system for card payment operations, provides switching of interbank payments with payment cards in the country. For this purpose have been built and maintained online interface connections - host-to-host type, with... See more

BORICA payment system

BORICA is a payment system with settlement finality, processing card-based payment operations that perform net settlement at a predefined time in RINGS (Real-time Interbank Gross Settlement System owned by the BNB). It executes settlement of interbank... See more

Conversion and redirection of international transactions

The conversion and redirection of international transactions service is related to the authorization protocols conversion (ISO8583) and redirection of authorization requests or transactions to/from international card schemes – ICS (VISA, MC)... See more

SWIFT Service Bureau

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is a cooperative society owned by its members that provides to the financial world fast, safe and confidential way of exchanging financial messages. BORICA is registered under the... See more

Services in connection with the directive PSD2

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