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Payment cards personalization and enveloping

BORICA offers a full range of services for payment card personalization, including preparing data for magnetic and chip personalization, secret data calculation and physical personalization of payment cards.

BORICA is a processor certified by VISA and MasterCard for personalization of all their card products. BORICA provides personalization of both magnetic and chip cards, compliant with the EMV standard. Chip cards can be with two interfaces (contact and contactless), providing contactless payments in accordance with the PayPass specifications of MasterCard and PayWave of VISA.

In order to address and send individual letters and personalized cards by post to each recipient in an easy, fast and secure way, BORICA provides automated envelops handling and card personalization. The personalized card is attached to a letter submitted by the issuer, monitoring the compliance of the individual client data printed in the letter. The letter is folded and automatically put in a windowed envelope with the address and other visible individual data; additional materials can also be enclosed in the envelope, upon compliance with certain conditions. The prepared envelope is sealed and ready to be sent to the address indicated by the issuing bank.

When using the service “Cards sorting and packaging by area of delivery” the cards and PIN codes are sorted and packed with a delivery protocol according to the nomenclature of areas of delivery.

BORICA offers printing an individual design creation on a single card – it could be either created by the cardholder, or selected from a gallery of template images.

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