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System for electronic delivery of PIN via SMS

BORICA provides a system for electronic delivery of PIN codes via SMS. The main principle that this system is based on is the following: the information for obtaining PIN codes is divided into two parts, which are delivered through different channels.

The first part of the information for obtaining a PIN code is a table that contains two rows – the first row of the table indicates the offsets of the digits forming the user PIN and the second row contains digits in the range 0-9.

The PIN table is printed on a leaflet and is put in the envelope together with the card. А unique identifier and an authentication code are printed together with the PIN table on the leaflet accompanying the card. The client sends the unique identifier and the authentication code to a short SMS number and receives an SMS message containing the offsets in the PIN table, making up their PIN.

Advantages of this innovative approach:

  • Significantly reduced costs for printing and delivery of PIN envelopes;
  • Higher security by providing a second delivery channel, independent of the courier services;
  • The package is delivered directly to the cardholder, which eliminates the risk of abuse;
  • In case of a problem, cardholders can use BORICA’s Help desk.

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