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Chargeback management

BORICA provides access to a disputed transactions system via which users exchange information related to fraud and incidents. The system keeps a record of all the received information (incidents, fraudulent transactions, disputed transactions, etc.) for a period of 10 years.

The system’s scope includes the following activities:

  • Disputing a transaction by an Issuer;
  • Goodwill procedure by an Issuer;
  • Disputed transactions file settlement;
  • Reporting fraudulent transactions;
  • Arbitration Commission.

The advantages are as follows:

  • Case management system related to disputing a transaction and refunding the disputed amounts;
  • Automating the process of document exchange and switching entirely to electronic document flow;
  • Ensuring traceability and long-term archive of the history of each dispute;
  • Possibility to initiate cash refund through the BNB Gross Settlement System (RINGS) after closing a dispute;
  • Opportunity to report fraudulent transactions and keep information for resolving a dispute and statistics;
  • Keeping records;
  • Newsletter.


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