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Card management

BORICA provides banks and payment institutions that issue cards through the BORICA system with the possibility to manage statuses, account balances, limits and other parameters of the cards they service.

The following parameters of payment cards registered in the BORICA system and used in the process of payment authorization can be managed (changed):

  • Card status (active, blocked, deactivated);
  • Account balance or credit card limit;
  • Card limits (daily, weekly, etc.);
  • Other parameters (authorized operations, etc.).

The standard way of changing card parameters is through file transfer over pre-specified interfaces. For this purpose, a file exchange system is maintained and operated, including the possibility for automatic transfer. Client applications that allow secure file transfer are provided.

In addition to file transfer, online tools for card status management (blocking and unblocking) are available, as well as balance management by remote access to the authorization system and an online interface.

Card management of registered in the BORICA system cards allows changing the status and setting parameters (limits, balance, etc.) at card level, being used afterwards for payments authorization.

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