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Distraints is a system for management of the business processes servicing distraint messages. It is software application integrated with the core banking system for centralized registering, processing and storing distraint messages, generating responses to the enforcement bodies, imposing blockings and lifting distraints, sending requests for payment orders.

The system automates the bank activities regarding the execution of distraint messages in their capacity of liable third party. It effectively services processes such as checking whether a debtor in a lawsuit is a client of the bank, obtaining information about accounts and used bank products, blocking and unblocking amounts, payments, etc.

Using the “Distraints” system, the bank:

  •  Centralizes the activities of receiving and processing distraint messages at the ban;
  •  Optimizes the time for imposing/removing distraints by the bank, as well as their execution;
  •  Reduces the cost of servicing the growing stream of distraint messages;
  •  Creates centralized registers and maintains an electronic archive of documents for the correspondence between the enforcement body and the bank.

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