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Cash-M is a service that allows sending money from a bank account, a bank card or in cash at a bank office, notifying the recipient by mobile phone and withdrawing the cash from an ATM.

Cash-M provides possibility for fast transfer of funds to any recipient. The only requirement is that the recipient has a mobile number. The recipient could withdraw the transferred funds from any ATM supporting the Cash-M service. In order to receive the cash, the recipient needs only a mobile phone and two codes – a four-digit code provided by the sender and a six-digit code – sent as an SMS from the system.

The Cash-M service is available at ATMs bearing Cash-M’s logo. Sending money requires 1-2 minutes, and the recipient can collect it 24 hours a day at the nearest and most convenient ATM. The fee for the money transfer is determined by the bank participating in the system.

Options for using the service:

  • Fast P2P (person to person) transfers from an ATM by a card to a recipient, only by mobile phone all over the country 24 hours a day/365 days a year;
  • The system allows flexible and secure integration with the bank's systems. This allows the bank to provide to its clients many services requiring cash. For example, fast cash loans, loyalty programs, etc.;

Each money transfer needs to be received within a certain period. This period is called term of validity. The term of validity of a money transfer is seven calendar days from the date and time of its initiation.

A money transfer is being blocked in the following cases:

  • The term of validity of the transfer has expired – the system automatically blocks the transfer. The amount is to be returned to the sender;
  • After three unsuccessful attempts for receiving the money, the system automatically blocks the transfer;
  • At bank’s request.

The sender is provided with the opportunity to request a refund of the sent amount, before the recipient has received the money transfer.

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