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PGATE is a centralized unified platform for automation of the business processes for management of all types of payments in local and foreign currency, initiated from and to a bank.

PGATE includes automation of a wide range of processes for processing all incoming and outgoing payment flows:

  • Client and bank-to-bank transfers in BGN with settlement in RINGS – transfers through RINGS, BISERA, BORICA, etc.;
  • Domestic and cross-border payments in euro from/to EEA banks through TARGET2;
  • Domestic and cross-border SEPA credit transfer (SCT);
  • Correspondent interbank SWIFT foreign currency payments.

PGATE automates the business processes for preventive validation and liquidity management. It generates and updates the bank’s current balance on the settlement account. It provides centralized management and complete automation of the two-way exchange of the processes for transportation, supervision, registration and transfer of information, as well as logging and monitoring of the processes.

PGATE provides detailed statistical information for managers and dealers for financial and comparative analyses. It guarantees continuous and secure exchange with the necessary protection against loss, duplication or unauthorized change.

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