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Anti-fraud Monitoring

Fraud Monitoring is performed through the Expert Monitoring System (EMS). EMS is a monitoring software product developed by MasterCard and provided by BORICA to payment institutions for monitoring and detecting authorizations/payment card transactions abuse. By the use of EMS they can monitor and analyze the transactions performed with their cards or at their terminals for possible abuse.

The system is entirely based on rules and classes. It is flexible and adaptable, and the rules and classes are subject to editing and further complication. Rules serve to identify authorizations/transactions that meet specific criteria. They can be made up either by using EMS built-in functions, or by randomly connecting fields or combinations of fields available in the database tables with specific mathematical or logical operators. The system is organized in such a way that each user has their own individual EMS task (tasks), whose rules and classes bear no relation to those of other issuers. Experts in financial institutions define the rules and classes for different types of fraud and risk. An administrator (employee of BORICA) is responsible for inserting and modifying them in the system.

Benefits to EMS users:

  • EMS users can monitor transactions performed with their cards or at their terminals in a “near real-time” mode – input data is updated every 2 minutes;
  • Potential card abuse or fraud related to merchants/terminals can be detected and a quick action can be undertaken when such has been identified, resulting in reduced losses from fraudulent transactions;
  • Analytical files containing results from card activity investigation, verification and analysis can be created; steps and workflows for the analytical files can be defined and implemented – “case management”;
  • Analytical files can be automatically generated, and they can be managed and prioritized by multiple criteria and targeted to different analysts or groups;
  • Historical tracking of changes to rules;
  • Sorting and filtering analyst's work’s results by multiple criteria;
  • System users can transfer analytic files and reports in CSV format to their local computers.


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